Sep 21, 2012

Swatch: Sleek i-Divine au Naturel

So, here's the au Naturel swatches! Not hard to guess Im in to mattes this time of the year, huh?

Other Sleek-swatches of the week
i-Divine Ultra Matts V1 Brights
Eau La La Liners White Noise and Rouge

Over Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper, and bare skin.
Sorry bout the weird colour..

The lighter matte colours are not as pigmented as the rest, but they work fine when in a make up. It is a naturel palette after all. 
Conker is more pigmented than what my swatch says, and the darker shadows are diviiiiine!
The lighter ones works exellent to blend out the darker ones with. Yum. 
Overall, great palette!

I bought this at at the cost of $9.99