Jul 2, 2012

Make Up Storage

Oh hi. Yeah, so. Another not-so-related post. But more than the previous.
So my move is done. Almost, some stuff will arrive in august. But clothes, make up, books, cats and some small stuff has landed.
I wanted to share my make up storage. And station. It is not that extravagant.. but.. Hey. I have not so much other stuff to share :'D

Getz to share this space with mr Confusion..

 One box for jewelry, one for eyeshadows, glossyboxes for eyelashes and other stuff.
 Small pots for random mascaras and pencils

 I really like my new "brush-holder".. Easy to arrange and swap holders for new colours and stuff.
 Second drawer, nailstuff! I have a humble collection, but more than I realized ^^
 Top drawer is home to my travel make up-bag. And some random eyeshadows and lipstuff that I dont use.

And our "office". We fight over the comfy chair atm. Until we get another one.
So I demanded the space with the window, since I do my make up infront of the computer.
Liiight! Make Up-fanatics needs liiiight!
And the white bag contains a bunch of wigs..

As I started this post with.. It's not the most interesting post. But here it is.
Since I do not have anything to do during the days, I forget to put on make up. I will try to get better.
Hope everyone has a great summer!