Jul 18, 2012

Colourful Wednesday: Mooooorange!

 I had such a craving for orange. It's so weird. I dont even look good in orange, but I cant help it. Even my nails are brightly orange atm.

Products Used
Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
Wet n Wild Comfort Zone - Left Browbone
120 palette - Oranges, reds, yellows, browns
NYX JP - Milk
Peggy Sage Cake Eyeliner - Noir
bareMinerals Curl & Lengthen Mascara

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - Antwerp (Did not especially match the eyes. Bah. Review comming up)


  1. Yeah i really get that craving mood for some colours! But hey, you do look good in orange, no more of that stupid talk okay!!!
    And gosh, it's been forever since i used the 120 palette..../Azure

  2. I'm with Azure, you look great in orange! I love that the lid is just neutral, but all the colour is in the crease.

  3. Thanks girls! I will try to look it in a different way! ^^

  4. du är ju jättefin i orange :D