Jun 17, 2012

Morning Star, Light My Way

Starting to wonder a bit about my headline for each post?
While I wrote these post, I was listening to and old favourite band of mine. Praetorian Platoon.
They do.. Poetic heavy metal? in swedish. In swedish the lyrics are beautiful and a bit pretentious, but I love them any way. So. I can't write stuff in swedish here, can I? So I did my best to try and translate *coughgooglecough* the lyrics of some. Some went well, some sounds like a disaster. But ah. Whatever. Haha.
Make up! It's a make up-blog! Stop rambling! Point! Oilslick!

Products Used
Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
Wet n Wild Comfort Zone - Right Definer, Left Browbone, Left Definer
Illamasqua e/s - Burst
Peggy Sage Cake Eyeliner - Noir
bare Minerals Curl and Lenghten Mascara

So, is this a Club-dupe?

This colour is more redbased, and with a more visible blue sheen. I think. Softer too. Do think I prefer this one actually!