Jun 7, 2012

Colourful Wednesday: Swedish!

Yep, its thursday. I fell asleep while photoshop was installing. Sorry bout that >:
So, yesterday was the Swedish national day. It's a weird day in Sweden actually.. For a few years is has been.. an "ugly" thing to celebrate this day. If you celebrated, you where a racist. Did not get that logic. :')
Now a days, it's a rebellion against the other years so people celebrate just to be rebells. Kind of. Haha.
As I said. It's a weird day.
It's frowned upon to be a proud swedish. Been thinking a bit about this. The American flag is a fashionthing now. People wear jackets and pants and shoes with the yankeeflag.
If one where to wear these sorts of clothes with the swedish flag.. It would not be appreciated.
Enough of my confsed rant. On to make up.

So. Since it was the national day, I went for the swedish colours. Of course.
Im not very pleased with this.. Certainly not the day after, it looks even gooyer today

Well hello weird hair..