Mar 1, 2012

The colours of KD

When I visit the boy, I'm always drawn to green and black. It's weird.
The first make up I did this visit was a vivid- and dark green one.

 Products used
NYX HD Eyeshadow Primer (Uh duh..)
Make Up Store Eyepencil - Romatic Garden (on lid and under eye)
Sleek Acid-palette - Neon green (on top of Romatic Garden)
Make Up Store Eyedust - Amazon (crease)
Viva La Diva Doomed Eyeshadow - Dark Green (to add depth in crease)
Sleek Storm-palette - Goldish for highlight

Yeah, I 'came up' with a 'new' hair dye-method. Colour hair, wrap in plastic wrap (if it's a dye thats nice to your hair. Mine is. Score.) , look like alien and laugh, try to sleep with it, shower, dry. Adore your newly dyed, fantasticly deep haircolour.
It's so.. dark. And fantastic. Loving it!


  1. WoW :D Świetny makijaż . Wygląda znakomicie ! Zwłaszcza do takiego koloru włosów :))

  2. i mean looks great !! :D looks brilliant :)

    cool with that colour of hair :)

  3. hm all i can say is now i want your eye colour. gosh. and it was sooo long ago i had a green look, and even more long ago together with black. nice reminder! thanks!/Azure

  4. OK, that does it. I need that damn Acid palette. This is 100 kinds of awesome!