Mar 26, 2012


I'm in shock. I mean. I.. cant.. hardly even talk.

On my way home, last bit on the train. When I was to get off. My suitcase was not where I had put it. Started running around to look who took it. When the station was empty I found a trainworking person (Still. Shock. Language is not my thing atm) who found my bag. Two trainrooms (you now..) away from where I left it.

My make-up bag is gone. 3000 SEK (318 EUR, 421 USD) of cosmetics and brushes and my new make up-bag.
And a skirt, and two shirts that has belonged to my sister, and was worth a lot to me.
And my new Clean-parfume. the Lush Sparkle Toothy tabs. A comb. A spraycan.
My studybooks. And a notebook.

I dont know what to do.