Nov 28, 2011

Swatch: Wet 'n Wild - Blue Had Me At Hello (E737)

I've been drooling over this palette in peoples blogs for.. like.. ever. And finally I found a Wet n Wild stand in Uppsala. And I got it. Without a doubt. I neeeded it. I dont even wear blues. But the needyness in me took over. When I was editing these pics I realized that I did took any pics without the lid. And Im too lazy too do new ones. And its 23:20 and black as hell everywhere.
Here it is anyway.
Blue Had Me At Hello.

 Swatched over NYX HD Primer and on bare skin

The blackblue with blue shimmer in it has'nt that good of an oomph in is as the others.
But I loooove the bright blue/turquoise one! I see some blue bad girl-looks coming up in the near future.

For the swedes out there: Köpte min palette på City Gross för 89 kr. Finns även i andra fina färger <: