Nov 2, 2011

Swatch: DuWop Isla Sirena Rotating Map Palette

Tror ni jag kunde låta bli? Absolut inte. Jag har dreglat sedan jag såg den hos Heartcore-tjejerna. Och nu har jag den. Yay.


Mermaid Colors

Pirate Colours

Treause Colors



Even though the shadows arent all totally awesome and the liners are a little 'wtf', I love this palette. 
I mean. Look at it! Its so awesome!  
The brushes are ok, as far as I tried them (which is not so much.)
The glosses are pretty. Cant wait to wear Sailors Delight. I really have to try on the gel liners for real. I had them on my hand for about 15 min and they smudged off soooo easily. 
The pirate colors are awesome. I had NYX HD primer under all the shadows. In the middle. Some of the shadows you can see where it sticks to, others not. I was so in love with the Riches-color in the box, so Im quite disappointed with it. Hm. I will make it work.
The shadows are ok pigmented, some great, some not so great. The consistency of them is good. They dont get powdery. 
Oh well. In the future I will have to try out the combinations, as well as.. well you know. Rotate the map.

I bought my palette at BeautyBay for about 300 kr ($44.80)