Nov 11, 2011

Halloween Part 2

AW YEAH 2011-11-11 11:11

Japp. Efter torsdagens härj hamnade vi i halloweenblodet igen på lördagen.
Ingen direkt utklädnad, men vi gillar tydligen blod.
Hjälpte Heidi med sminket också. Försökte med lim-metonden för ögonbrynen men det gick inget vidare. Boo.

Yep. After thursdays madness, we drenched ourself in blood again for the saturdays madness.
Not a real costume or anything, we just aparently like blood.
Helped Heidi with her make up too. Tried the glue method for the brows. Did not work that well. Boo


  1. You're too gorgeous. Love the blood. =)

  2. Aawh thank you! and me too. Why cant one wear blood everyday