Aug 29, 2011

Review: NYX HD Eye Shadow Base

 The shiny thingie to the left is the NYX HD primer
and the little matte stripe to the right is E.L.F Mineral Primer

The coppery one is Barry M - Copper (dd47)
Next is a random green shadow from ebay
Barry M - Bright Indigo (dd99)
Viva La Diva - Red

As you can see.. the NYX one is x100 better. It's kinda awesome.
The staying power is awesome too. 
Totally brings out the coppery tone! 
It only needs a tiny tiny bit or else it will crease. The wand often get out way too much product but oh well.


 I have never used the UD Primer Potion or the Too Faced insurance, but I sure do like this one.
It retails for only $5.25 at Cherryculture

Top Notch!